The newest season of Fortnite is here, giving gamers a fresh new batch of content to unlock and try out. Among all of the new big changes in Fortnite, there is also a whole new batch of NPCs scattered across the map.

These NPCs in Fortnite hand out quests and give gamers various rewards for finding them as part of the weekly challenges. These quests and challenges are also helpful to gamers looking to level up quickly.

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However, in the aftermath of the destroyed spire, the map has gone through a drastic change, and the NPC locations are all over the place, making things difficult for players. Additionally, some of these NPCs will attack gamers who get too close, so prepare for that. So for Fortnite fans looking to find the NPCs quickly, here is a list of all their locations.


All NPC Locations in Fortnite Season 7

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The first NPC can be found on the north side of Retail Row on the side of the buildings with graffiti on it.

Alien Tropper

Alien Trooper can be found in the northern part of the Coral Castle area, close to where the waterfall is. Apparently, this NPC is currently glitched for some players and doesn't appear, so people might have trouble finding him.


For the third NPC, travel to Lockie's Lighthouse in the little island northeast of Coral Castle.


Sunny is located at Believer Beach in the northwestern part of the map on the docks near the staircase by the entrance.

Bunker Jonesy

For the fifth NPC, travel to Lumber Lodge near the south part of the map and find him among the houses overlooking the ocean.


Bushranger is located close to the center of the map near Risky Reels. Players can find him hiding among the trees in his camouflage suit.


For the seventh NPC, travel to Flopper Pond in the western region of the map. Dreamflower can be found in the house with the red flowers out front and a small pond in the backyard.


Joey is located at Dirty Docks in the eastern region of the map. Gamers can find him at the construction site next to the big orange truck.


For the ninth NPC, travel to the Steel Farm close to the center of the map and look for Hayseed at the red far in one of the side shed buildings.


Marigold is located at Lazy Lake in the southeastern region of the map. Players can find them inside one of the main buildings in the bottom right corner.


For the eleventh NPC, travel to Dinky Dish in the northern part of the map and look for Maven in one of the buildings on the mountain with two satellites on the roof.

Rick Sanchez

Rick Sanchez is located at Defiant Dish near the center region of the map. Sanchez can be found in the top floor room of the main building next to the large satellite.


For the thirteenth NPC, travel to the Yellow Steel Bridge in the southeastern region of the map. Riot is next to the abandoned blue truck overlooking the valley.


Rook is located in Dockside Dish near the eastern region of the map. Gamers can find them in the top room of the main building.

Special Forces

For the fifteenth NPC, travel to Catty Corner in the southeastern region of the map. Special Forces can be found on a walkway built over a road.

Swamp Stalker

Swamp Stalker is located in Slurpy Swamp in the southern region of the map. Players can find them in the tiny shack next to the water.

Doctor Slone

For the seventeenth NPC, travel to Corny Complex in the middle region of the map. Gamers can find Doctor Slone at the bottom of the large silo next to the red barn.

Fortnite is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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